Youth dance

Schools/Colleges/Universities/Youth Services

With extensive experience working with all ages, we particularly love engaging young people through high quality dance provision. Our workshops are dynamic and inspiring, with a focus on creativity and nurturing the individual choreographic voice. 


- Workshops to ignite a passion for curricular topics

- Contemporary dance technique classes 

- Artist in residence projects

- Dance & Film / Site specific projects

- Intergenerational projects working with a local care home.

- Interventions working with hard-to-reach young people

- Advanced youth companies to stretch your G&T students


Dance & Health

Residential Care/Adult services/Hospitals/Community 

Harnessing the power of dance, we can improve physical and mental health outcomes for those who might not have access to classes otherwise. Our workshops value the individual, ensuring an inclusive and thoughtful dance experience. 


- Seated Dance Classes in residential care and at home

- Strength and Balance classes informed by physiotherapy principles for falls prevention

- Specific expertise working with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and Dementia.

Everything else

Everywhere else

We love dancing with unusual people in unusual places. Get in touch to discuss your ideas. 



Community Project Management

Artist Mentoring

Adult Technique Classes

Site Specific Dance projects

Bespoke Commissions