Portrait of a woman

Inspired by the endless portraits of nameless women hung in galleries and on corridor walls. 

Naming the subject causes it to cease its existence as an object, becoming a story, a history, a feeling, a viewpoint, 

Snapshots of what we have lived, are living, will live or hope to live.  

Storyfinding and subverting the expected narrative on a woman's experiences. Offering questions but no answers.


Filmed by beautiful sea, a wistful look at Hannah's home and her journey onwards and back again. 


In the early dawn light, a childhood memory brought to life. 


Brought into sharper focus by the clean and clinical surroundings, an introspective look at feelings of embryonic safety


New dance portraits coming soon: if you have an interesting story to tell and want to get involved, email Lead Artist Charlotte@fireplacedancetheatre.com